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Why should you become members of HRBA?
  • Because I believe in free market function and in pure competition.

  • Because I am inspired by two basic principles: firstly, I believe that the best customer is the one who is educated and well-informed and second, because I believe that the protection of the customer, as far as prices, quality and health conditions are concerned, constitutes its basic principle

  • Because I believe that the basic market power arises from the purchasing power of the consumer.

  • Because I consider that the customers and the workforce of the members invaluable.

  • Because I believe that the consumer has the right to free access and demand to satisfy his/her consuming and living needs.

  • Because I believe that the trade and the services develop rapidly in all their forms and consequently their representation should be unified and they should have access to the authorities.

  • Because I believe that collective expression is required in order to make and promote basic requests of the sector so that they can enjoy the attention needed by the state.

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How can you become members of HRBA?

In order to become a member, you are asked to:

Complete the application form

Be approved by the board of directors of HRBA

Pay a lump sum of 330€

Payment of annual subscription

Which are the prerequisites in order to become members of HRBA?
  • The candidate, who is to be integrated, is supposed to meet certain conditions:

    1. Own at least; either one shop having turnover more than 3 millions €

    2. or two shops having turnover more than 3 millions €

  • Agree with the principles and accept the general philosophy of HRBA

Which are the benefits of HRBA' s members?
  • They are members of a team that has access to all the centers of central or local authority

  • They participate in shaping opinions and acting for the improvement of the retail trade image and the financial situation of their companies in Greece and abroad.

  • They have the ability to immediate informing their companies about all the topics, specific or not, that interest the entrepreneurship in Greece.

  • They have the ability to defense their companies against illegal actions.

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