Which are the benefits of HRBA' s members?

  • They are members of a team that has access to all the centers of central or local authority

  • They participate in shaping opinions and acting for the improvement of the retail trade image and the financial situation of their companies in Greece and abroad.

  • They have the ability to immediate informing their companies about all the topics, specific or not, that interest the entrepreneurship in Greece.

  • They have the ability to defense their companies against illegal actions.

  • They have the ability to defense their international brand names that they represent in Greece against counterfeit.

  • They are capable of participating in organized training programmes for their employers.

  • They have the ability to resort to the HRBA crisis management committee for the solution of potential commercial disagreements.

  • They can get informed online on a fortnight basis through articles that exist in the daily and periodical type and referred to retail trade and services issues.

  • They can express their opinions in the HRBA in order to ensure the promotion of their requests in every relevant authority.