The Goals of H.R.B.A.

  • The conjunction of Greek retail trade forces in a common representation institution and the active participation in the public dialogue.
  • The development of Greek and international trade.
  • The contribution to the creation of positive and stable economic environment.
  • Freeing the markets from regulations that are detrimental to competition.
  • The service, the proper informing and the support of the consumers.
  • Taking initiatives for immediate solution of problems and managing the needs of the companies - members.
  • The creation of a principled framework, by the state, which will define the condition and the outline  within which companies, businessmen and consumers will be free to shape the terms of their collaboration.
  • The dialogue with the authorities and the relevant institutions in order to make proposals and promote actions that concern the sector of retail trade and services.
  • The HRBA aspires to be the authorities advisor on topics such as market function, thus contributing, via consensual processes, to the solution of various subjects that are of commercial interest.